Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Rowdies, or soccer mamma's!

Guess who's the most awesome soccer player EVER...yup, Paige!
It's been so fun watching her play this year, it's not just a bunch of kids running around anymore, they actually know what they are doing.

The Rowdies!

The cool fans!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Times in AZ!

Be prepared for extreme picture overload. Remember my parents in Japan...these pictures are for them!

And we're off...Bright and early we hit the road. Of course the reason for our early departure was to make it to Vegas in time for the AMAZING Mexican food at The Palms for lunch.

After lunch...Circus Circus. So ghetto, but the kids love it!

We then checked into our hotel...The New York New York!

Stopped for a the Coke store.

And did some shopping.

Jack HATES shopping!

Tigers at MGM

Some yummy pizza for dinner.

And hit the sack...

Up early for the rest of our road trip.

Drove over the Hoover Dam.

And we arrived in Arizona

The girls talked me into some Nair...soft/silky legs for all the swimming.

And swim we did...

Lots of 'vegging'...

Yummy dinners...

Such a great trip...10 days of relaxation, sun, and fun! I love the memories we make, the laugh's we share, and look forward to so many more family vacations.