Monday, April 30, 2012

And April comes to an End...

We ended the month of April with some more awesome fun...

Dinner at CPK with my siblings.

Late night yogurt run, a must!

These sassy soccer players ripped up the field!

For mothers day we sent my mom a 'pandora bracelet'. We let each of the 7 grandkids pick out a charm for her. My kids wanted to take a picture of them holding the charm they chose. 

Caiser decided to flood half of our family room in the basement. He "thought" he turned the hose off the night before...idiot!

I won "sister of the year"...Phil & Alaina were moving out of their house, so I took their boys for a night. And Kara & Kurt went to Aruba, so I took her kids for 3 days. We loved having a house with 7 kids...kind of!

And brother's new house. So excited for them to move in! And so excited they are closer to us...south end of the valley is where it's at!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miss Ellie turns 10!!

Guess who turned Ellie!
Oh how I love this girl! She is my sassy, sweet, fashionista! I love that she is always willing to help me do anything, she still thinks its cool to play with Jack, and I can always count on her to make me smile!
She is my "brown eyed girl"!

The festivities started Sunday with a family pizza/birthday party. 

Then the BIG DAY...April 17th.
We started with our traditional "wake the birthday girl up" picture.

Father of the year grabbed a birthday "Jamba Juice" for Ellie.

For lunch we surprised Ellie, and brought her favorite sandwich to school "Jimmy John's"...

After school grandma stopped by with balloons and some birthday love!

And then onto the most awesome birthday party ever...
Classic Skate!

 Love me a good birthday celebration. And Love me some Miss Ellie!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mid April Fun...

Our April fun continued with some park time...

we visited City Creek...I loved it!!

and maybe I walked away with a lovely Michael Kors bracelet, yay!

Jack and I got crafty and painted...

we played in the rain/snow...

I had a few lunch dates with my boys, I love those!!

Paige & grandma had a dinner/shopping date for her birthday (yes, it was 6 months ago...she's playing catch up). We love her!