Sunday, December 26, 2010


Oh Christmas day! I love this day! Our kids are 'sleepers' we got up around 9:00am, posed for some pictures, and were on our way to Christmas fun!

And then my siblings came over for some food, fun, and a call to mom and dad.

It was a very merry Christmas for us...hope it was for you too!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve started out with our tradition of lunch with my family. Actually, it started out with me going to Costco with the rest of Utah at 10am when they opened, and fighting my way through crowds for fresh rolls, and was super fun! Anyway...lunch was great, my siblings are awesome, love being with them, good times at Training Table.

And then we spent the evening with the Hogan's...I love Christmas Eve at my in laws. It is so fun, so relaxing, and so great to be with family.

Jack felt a bit under the weather, so we drugged him up...

But the meds didn't help...and so Jack layed on the couch, tried to smile pretty for me, and then puked, poor boy!

Paige & Ellie did a performance for was lovely!

Jack sat on my lap, and I helped him open least he tried to smile.

Then the Motrin kicked in...and Jack was back! Playing, dancing, and enjoying his presents!

A perfect Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jack's Christmas Program!

Look at my baby boy...getting way too big! This will be the last pre school Christmas program we go! He was awesome, a great singer and performer! Love that kid!

The Margetts Christmas Party!

And yet...another Christmas party! This party was so fun! We are such a small family, my dad has just 3 brothers, so there was only 25 of us...and we had the whole church to ourselves, with an awesome bounce house. The kids were in heaven...and quite sweaty too! We ate yummy soup, exchanged gifts, played some basketball, and gabbed the night away.

The Hakata dolls mom and dad sent from Japan for all of their siblings.

So blessed to be part of this family!!