Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well the day finally arrived...November 16th (Wednesday), and we were off to see my parents in Japan!! The word excitement doesn't even come close to what we felt! We were all smiles, even knowing we had a 24 hour journey ahead of us. 

We started with dinner at the Salt Lake airport...

Then I ran into my BFF Michelle Money on the plane...

And we were off...

A lovely 3 hour layover at the LAX airport...where we got our pillows ready, and drugged up to help us sleep.

November 18th (Friday)

And a quick 13 hour flight, and we made it to Korea. We found our gate, and about 10 minutes later guess who we saw walking towards us. Mom & dad were at an area conference in Korea, and got to leave early to meet us, and fly back to Japan with us...YAY!! It was a WONDERFUL reunion!

One last plane ride...

And we made it to Fukuoka, Japan!

Where the elders were there to pick us up.

Drove to mom & dad's home, the kids and Cais took a tour, met the office missionaries, dropped off our luggage, and then headed for lunch at Ippudo (ramen noodle shop). Delish!

Then we all showered, unpacked, and relaxed!

And the kids were OUT by 6:00pm...we couldn't wake them, so gave up and put them to bed.

November 19th (Saturday)

We were up bright and early for Paige to do baptism's for the dead. The temple is only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...and a youth group was doing baptism's today, so Paige joined them. This was her first time EVER, and it was such a great experience.

Then we were off to McDonald's for breakfast, some shopping, a trip to Costco, and then just relaxing and being together.

November 20th (Sunday)

Off to church today...and what a great meeting, the primary program. Such cute kids! When we came home, we walked around the temple for some photo's.

Then we played games and watched movies!

November 21st (Monday)

Off to Marine World today...the coolest aquarium EVER.

Our favorite fish...who seriously swam behind us, and got in every photo. So ugly...but so cute!!

The dolphin/sea otter show. 
The Japanese do it right...heated seats, and hot chocolate in a can from a vending machine, awesome!

Hard Rock Cafe for lunch...pretty much the only good American food in Fukuoka. Mom & dad go there a few times a month.

More hanging out...

Later that night we went to a mall for some snacks...and crepes, YUM!

November 22nd (Tuesday)

Off to Dazaifu today, a Japanese shrine, shopping, and food (I would compare it to a Park City). It was beautiful!
Took the subway there, the kids loved it.

November 23rd (Wednesday)
Mom and I had to make a quick trip to Costco for pumpkin pies and shrimp platters for Thanksgiving. Costco is about 9 miles away from their takes 40 minutes to get there, crazy! The city is big, the roads are crazy, there are so many people, and it is completely confusing. I'm so impressed with my parents and their driving skills!

After Costco...we went shopping at Hakata ( a mall ), where the kids managed to find the 'American' food. Krispy Kreme, McDonalds, and Golden Spoon.

And then the highlight of the whole trip for Caiser...the golf store.

Everything is about double the price...but he needed a souvenir, and he was like a little boy in a candy shop!

Back home for some relaxing and Thanksgiving food prep. The ovens in Japan are tiny, so we had to cook a ham today, and the turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Finished the puzzle!!

And Jack drew 152 fish...he was very proud!

November 24th (Thursday)...Thanksgiving.

We started the day by decorating the home for Christmas!

Then on to dinner prep...

Then the missionaries showed up...and we had a lovely dinner!

Jack wanted to hang out with the Elders all the time...they were so cute with him!

November 25th (Friday)

The Fukuoka Tower, the tallest seaside tower in Japan.

There was a school field trip at the tower, and the kids were obsessed with Jack, it was so cute. They were asking dad what his name was, how old he was, and were so excited when I asked to take their picture. OH, and they loved trying to speak English to fun!

Then we walked across the street to the beach/ocean.

The kids went on a sea shell hunt...and were very successful!

LOVE this dad of mine!! And duh...I'm his FAVORITE child!

Crazy beach chairs...nice and big & super comfy!

The kids wanted to visit the zoo (which is across the street from the temple)s, but it was our last day, and Cais & I needed to get packing. So mom & dad took them, and they had a lovely time.

And they all had a good time with my camera...left me some 'gems'!

The kids held mice...SICK! Then told us they want some for pets when we get home. I don't think that will work to well with our cats! YUCK!

One last trip to the dollar store...we loved it!!

Our sad faces because we have to leave tomorrow!!

November 26th (Saturday)

Our last breakfast in Japan...we're sad!!

Said goodbye to the missionaries...

One last group shot at the airport.

And then the tears...but it was a happy goodbye, cause we'll see them SO soon!

And we were off...

Made it to Korea...and grabbed us some lunch.

And played on the playground (nicest airport ever).

And 15 hours later...we were home.

This is the kids while driving home from the airport...they were beat, and we all slept for 16 hours that night! 

This trip was PERFECT! I wouldn't have changed a thing...except to have stayed like 6 months longer. I love my mom & dad so much, and am so proud of them...they are wonderful examples to all of us! Can't wait until they are home again!