Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello January...and Goodbye!!

How did January come and go so quickly? 

We've had a fun month...

I've also decided to take on the challenge of "A Picture a Day"...it's been very fun, and I'm excited already about the first 31 pictures. So I might have a couple random pictures thrown in here...on days that we did nothing, but needed a picture.

Mom talked in Paige's class about Japan...it was so cute!

One last Cafe Rio dinner for mom before heading back to Japan.

And some of us hit Leatherby's after...

And then we had to say goodbye...but only for 6 months, so it was a HAPPY GOODBYE!


Ellie helped with Presto's birthday party.

A quick Midway getaway...

The kids "might have" been bored waiting at walmart.

But perked up when we bought them a movie & treats.

BEST Mexican restaurant EVER!

Jack and Cais had a boy's lunch date...Jack chose Rock Creek Pizza (and maybe I snuck away to a movie in the middle of the day...it was AWESOME)!

Caiser's AWESOME cookies!

80's day at school for the girls...they loved it, and said the want to "bring the 80's back"

Jack and I were VERY bored waiting at a doctor's appointment.

Some days I'm freaking Betty Crocker...made from scratch roll.

And we finished January off with a night in the hot tub.

Thank you January...you were fun!