Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Day!

Because the kids dressed up at school the Friday before Halloween, they were bummed with no class parties or celebrating on the actual day. So Jack and I decided to surprise the girls with lunch at school.

Then we got all ready for some trick-or-treating!

Lots of candy and fun! Success!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Our Birthday fun for Paige & Jack continued through the weekend...

With Paige turning 12, she is now a Beehive in the young women program. They came Saturday morning and woke her up, and took her to breakfast, so cute!

Then we went to lunch...Olive Garden was Paige's choice.

An awesome balloon launch. Caiser is obsessed with releasing balloons, and it has rubbed off onto the kids.

Paige before church...she spoke in sacrament as a youth speaker (being 12 for 2 days qualified her). She did a great job...I am always so proud of her.

And then family came over Sunday night to celebrate both birthday's...a perfect end to a week of partying!

Friday, October 28, 2011

School Halloween Festivities!

For some (crazy) reason, the school had Halloween festivities on Friday, the 28th. So we dressed up or school on Friday, and didn't dress up on Monday (Halloween). Weird huh?

So here is our 'school' Halloween fun...

Miss Ellie...the Candy Corn Witch!

Miss Paige...Alice in Wonderland!

And Jack was a Red Minja (I didn't miss-spell, this is how he pronounced it, and I loved it, and didn't correct him). Evan also came with us to play, he didn't have school, and Jack just loves him!

The awesome school parade!

And then lucky ME...I was volunteered to help with Ellie's class party, YAY!

The lovely volunteers...

 After the party...a quick lunch, and then back to the school for Jack's awesome parade. Which was actually pretty funny. It was just 2 classes (afternoon kindergarten), and they just circled the parents like 4 lasted maybe 38 seconds. Good times.

Jack had an assignment earlier in the month, to decorate this picture like his costume. I love how he did cute!

Gotta love this crazy day!

I have a 12 year old...Miss Paige!

Another birthday in our house. A big one...Paige is 12!

She's growing up way too fast. Yikes! I love this baby girl of mine...she is so sweet, sensitive, caring, tender, and getting a bit sassy (probably from Caiser). She makes me happy every day, and I love watching her grow into a beautiful young lady!

Our traditional 'wake up'!

Paige's birthday happened to fall on 'dress up for Halloween' at school. She wasn't happy, wanted to wear her new birthday dress. So she wore her costume, then changed after the parade.

Opening some awesome presents (we went shopping the next day for the rest), and a yummy breakfast...

I stopped into her classroom to get a pic of her in 'the dress'.

Of course a few pictures for mom...

Grandma stopped by with balloons and birthday wishes...

And then the birthday party...Paige just wanted a few friends, a corn maze, and some dinner. Nice and easy for me! Cute friends, and a fun night.

Happy Birthday Paige...