Monday, August 29, 2011

The Bee's!

We love going to the Bee's August came to an end, we sadly realized we haven't been to any games. So we called up our friends, and headed on down for a night of hot dogs, ice cream, baseball, and fun!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Where Fun Is...LAGOON!!'s been almost 10 years since I've been to Lagoon. And I decided it was about time to go back. I went every year when I was a kid, so I'm not sure why we haven't taken our kids more.

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice, clean, and fun it was. And even better...the kids are all tall enough (weird) to go on all of the rides. So no kid/baby rides for us...we hit the big ones. Well...some of us hit the big ones, some of us get sick (Caiser), and can't even look at some rides without his stomach getting upset (wuss)!! Even Jack wanted to go on the big ones...the spider, white roller coaster, tidal name it, he was up for it. And the girls are always up for anything. 

We had a blast...besides choosing the hottest day EVER, it was perfect!

Can I just say...the terror rides are SO stupid. But Caiser made us go on them...probably because he doesn't get sick on them, or maybe because he wanted to get frisky in the dark. Either way...DUMB!! LOVED, and wanted to stay all night!

But by 8:00pm...we were starved, hot, and ready to head home!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Fun!

August FLEW by...the kids were off track almost the entire month, which was so fun, because we actually got a summer! We played as much as we could, and slept in as often as we could, it was a perfect month!

Love that sister of mine!

A boys lunch date.

We ventured up to Cherry Hill's for our ward activity. The plan was to camp...cause we now have a tent, however, Caiser talked me out of it (just not his thing). And I figured since I went on trek in July, I'd spent enough time in a tent. We went up for dinner, visiting, and games. It was a fun night.

One last trip to Seven Peaks...

Jack decided to write his name on the deck outside, lovely. Also lovely how he wrote it...we've got some work to do with that boy.

We had a street BBQ...I didn't think our street was that big, until we handed out invites to 17 houses, wow! It poured rain for the first hour...but the sun came out, and we partied it up with fun neighbors.

A couple last trips to the pool...

Soccer started up for Paige, her and Kamree are on the same team, they are awesome!

Paige even gave being a goalie a try (probably because it was 100 degrees outside, and she was tired of running). But nobody scored on her, yay!

And last...a fun lunch with family.