Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paradise...aka Hawaii!!

We were off to Hawaii this January...a welcome treat away from our awesome Utah cold! We invited our good friends the Nixon's to join us...and we had a BLAST! I could move to Hawaii...I could live in my swimsuit! Here is our adventure...

Oh the joys of boarding an children to tend to, a kindle full of books, my ipod, and my lover. It doesn't get much better!

Waiting for the boys to get the car...

The boys getting us all checked in.

Day 2 we lounged at the beach ALL DAY! I'm pretty sure we were so in shock to be swimming/laying out/reading/and sweating in the sun, so we took zero pictures this day! We just enjoyed and soaked the laziness up.

Later that evening we enjoyed some Mexican food and ice cream.

Day 3 Kelly & I hit the swap meet (YAY)...

Where we decided...ok I decide and talked Kelly into...getting tattooed up! I know...big rebels to get temporary tats!!

After shopping all afternoon...back to the pool/beach, and of course a sno cone.

Waiting on the balcony for the boys to grill dinner...I could have sat up there all day/night!

Day 4 we headed to the North Shore, we heard there was a surf competition going on, so headed that way. A quick stop at Hanauma Bay to take a picture of the beautiful rainbow. Amazing!

We made it to Sunset Beach...the surf competition wasn't happening this day, later in the week. However the surfers were out in full force practicing up. It was a blast. We parked our bootay's on the beach, brought our coolers, our towels, and sat for a couple hours. It was so fun & the surfers were amazing!

We stopped for some yummy lunch in Haleiwa, and then headed for the Dole Plantation on our way back. We grabbed some delish pineapple ice cream...and a few more tats!

Day 5 was more laying/soaking/sno coning...Heaven!

And a yummy Outback dinner!!

Day 6 we headed into Waikiki for some shopping, dinner, and fun!

Had to get a picture in our awesome car...The Ford Escape. Caiser and I over pack...just a little, so it's a good thing we had this little SUV for our extra luggage!

Dinner at Cheesecake Factory!

Day 7 we got adventurous...Will wanted to get scuba certified, but all of the courses took several days. So he found an excursion where we could all scuba as beginners, no certification needed. It was a blast...I loved it! Kelly & Cais had some trouble with their ears, but for the most part enjoyed too. I just followed Will around underwater, and loved it...not sure our instructor loved us, trying to chase Will and I around, and make sure Cais and Kelly were ok. But we had fun, and that's all that matters!!

Back to the pool for to cool off...

The view and sunset from our balcony, and some pics of the resort...

Our last day we spent at the pools and beach again...then we packed up, shopped in Waikiki for awhile, had some dinner, waved goodbye to Hawaii, and got back on our planes for home!

A great trip...with great friends! I would go back today, right now!

Thanks to my mother in law, Kara & Alaina for making our trip kid free, with no wories! You guys are the best!