Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day!

I am SO behind on blogging. Instead of going back and trying to catch up, I'll start with now...and go back when I can. It's a good plan...I think.

Christmas Day!
I love everything about Christmas...the excitement, the anticipation, the giving, the receiving, being with family, and reflecting on our Savior's birth! Such a wonderful time of the year. 

We always make the kids take a few pics before going downstairs...I love their excitement!

And Santa did not disappoint! 

The girls and I are heading to Justin Bieber's concert January 5th...they were so excited...I might be just as excited as they are!

Caiser always does a great job with surprising me...this year was so great. He had a blanket made for me, because I'm always freezing, I love it!

Not too bad...

My family came over around 12:30 for presents, play time, and FOOD!

The girls were SO excited, they got vanities for their rooms from grandma & grandpa.

And this is how we ended the day...movies, cuddling on the couch, and snoozing!

A perfect day!


Kristen said...

Aww, Merry Christmas. I'm glad you had a good one and I am jealous at how gorgeous you look in the morning with no makeup on !!! :)

Richelle said...

What an 'inspiring' blog post!! I'm so glad that you decided to come back to the blogging world!! And I'm so glad that you had a FANTASTIC Christmas, because you are a FANTASTIC family and deserve a FANTASTIC holiday!!! Don't cry!! =))

hailey said...

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