Saturday, June 30, 2012

Father's Day/A Special Birthday (mine)/and some randomness!

Love me a good Father's Day! So happy this man is the Father of my children. 

Love my sweet Father-in-law!

And so happy this is the last Father's Day my dad is in Japan! Love him so much!

Jack and I spending some quality time at the DMV...

Someone is obsessed with puzzles!

All 3 kids got "Leadership Awards" at I went back and forth to the school 3 times, it was so fun (not really)! But I am proud of these crazies!

And because they are such great kids, we let them choose dinner...Olive Garden was their choice!

Got my parents cars all safe in the garage...waiting for their arrival!

More Swimming.

 Saw some movies...

Jack walked into the corner of a movie was traumatic for a minute, he survived!

And then...MY BIRTHDAY! It fell on a Sunday, I thought lame...but it was great. So much love from friends and family!

Nothing beats a 'candy-gram' for your birthday!

Caiser buys me the BEST birthday presents!

Birthday pedicures, yay!

And this lovely lady...all the way from Brazil. Love her!

And finally...field day at school for the kids!

It was also Jack's last day of Kindergarten. Left side was his first day/right side his last. Can't believe how much this baby boy of mine has grown, love him!

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